Tuesday, 22 September 2009

A Very Potter Musical

I was tired so I thought, ok I'll watch the first two 8 minute sections on youtube and if it's any good I'll watch a bit more tomorrow. Then I was like, well, I'll watch to the end of the first act... But anyway, I watched it all. All three hours.
Wonderful performances, wonderful script, wonderful special effects, wonderful staging and awesome songs!
The parody condenses all seven Harry Potter books into one jam-packed year at Hogwarts, Harry has miles more charisma as a guitar playing teenager who likes being famous than Dan Rads or book-Potter, I liked this Potter. Ron was good as a constantly eating jack-ass and Hermione and Ginny were good support. But the show belongs to Voldemort and Draco, Voldemort was hot and the girl playing Draco gave an uber-cute performance that made my favourite character even more hilariously weird.
So lets all climb on Rumbleroar's back and don't forget your space suits, we're going to Mars!
Watch on Youtube (You have to watch at least two parts before you really get into it.)

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