Thursday, 29 November 2012

Harry and the Hendersons (1987)

Did you know this film won an Oscar? Best Make-up of course, making John Lithgow so damn attractive! No, it was for Harry's make-up, John Lithgow is naturally beautiful.
Lauren came round last night and we watched this classic. The last time I watched it was also with Lauren, on my birthday about five years ago, I don't know if I was drunk or just tired five years ago but I hardly remembered any of it! It was ok but the best part was waiting for scenes which you could chop out and edit into a romance between Lithgow and Harry- there were a lot. And editing in sound-clips of passion from 3rd Rock from the Sun I'm sure it would work beautifully.

2 Days in New York (2012)

I'd seen 2 Days in Paris (2007) but didn't remember or realise this was the sequel until after the film, trying to figure out where I'd seen Julie Delpy before. The first film I now vaguely remember she took her New York Jewish boyfriend to Paris to meet her family and he was horrified to find out she had slept with practically every man in France. I thought he was good but could do better.
In this follow-up by writer/director/star Delpy, she has a new partner (Chris Rock) who is horrified to find out her family are douchebags when they come to stay. The thing is that it wasn't just her family who were ghastly, she was just as bad, and like the Jewish boyfriend in the first film, radio show host boyfriend is much better off without her, for fucksake, she cost him an interview with Obama! Not her badly behaved family, HER.
This is one of those cutesy quirky culture-clash films that you're supposed to like, Julie Delpy must be exactly like her character, self-centred and lacking empathy and humility to not understand that a woman like that is not charming or funny.
It's a cold day in hell when Chris Rock is the least bad thing in a film.

Killer Joe (2012)

I saw the trailer for Killer Joe at the cinema a while back and thought it looked pretty good. I've never been a fan of Matthew McConnaughey but seeing him the other day in Eastbound and Down not playing 'naked model in advert' (the role I usually see him in) made me remember the Killer Joe ad.
It was based on a play and I think that's one of the reasons I enjoyed it so much, that it was about the words and not showing loads of set design or location, you knew it was Texas from the horrible trailer in which most of it took place. It was a film where the actors' performances and the script were the key things, it was a play. The script was pretty good, not great, but the performances were really excellent. I didn't even mind the extreme violence because it was still uncomfortably funny and Matthew McConnaughey was fucking scary as hell as well as being charming.

Thursday, 22 November 2012

Eastbound and Down Seasons 1 & 2

'Sup mother fuckers, it's Kenny fuckin' Powers! This is my last "Review" I'm currently waiting for season 3 of Kenny fuckin' Powers, as I call it, to arrive. I loved the first season, it was ridiculous and disgusting but it had heart (Kenny's love of April and her boobs) the second season was not nearly as good, it felt weak and they got rid of the heart and added more gross (Stop letting Stevie say things!! Argh! So gross and uncomfortable!!) I read online they shot it all in a month! I can believe it. I was ready to not buy any more seasons but hell, god damn them if they didn't just go and return home to his brother, brother's family, the principal and April and her boobs in the last episode and make me want to see what happens! Tch! I did enjoy Matthew McConaughey's creepy gay cameo. My mum couldn't believe it was the same naked hot guy who models for perfume ads. Hope he's back in season 3! Smell you later tv diary! Consider yourself updated at last! I'll be adding the first season if In Treatment to this list soon, I'm in the middle of watching it!

Misfits, Sesaons 1 & 2

I've been meaning to watch it for ages, we've had the boxset of series 1 & 2 for a year and it's remained unopened, still cellophane wrapped. Well, I opened it, and I watched all 13 episodes within a couple of days, probably could have done it in one if I didn't have to have so many naps! The kids are charming, talented and good looking and the stories are mad, funny and stupid and just what you want when you're ill. Series 3 arrived this morning, me and Dad-Y are going to watch some tomorrow, he's ill too, so we can both enjoy it. I've seen the ads on tv for the current 4th series, it looks naff with none of the original characters in it. Yes I'm sad Nathan is gone, but I love the actor who plays Rudy so I'm still really looking forward to this third series, series 4 I don't think I'll bother with, hopefully the third will be like the 4th series of Breaking Bad, a suitable ending. Kelly better not die, she's my favourite now Nathan's gone

Breaking Bad, Seasons 1-4

And now to what I am currently doing. I have had surgery. I am bedbound. We got that. So what happens when you're bedbound? You watch tons of boxsets. Breaking Bad I have been watching slowly now for a while. After the appendicitis kicked in- and by the way I thought it was food poisoning for the first week so I just lay in bed writhing!- in the week pre-hospital I started and finished season 4. Bloody hell! What a show! I can't see how they could need another season, tie up a few little loose ends I suppose, but really, that was an ending, it was an ending I'm happy with and when I was in the hospital after my operation and off my face on morphine for three days I had a hell of a lot of nightmares about Breaking Bad!! It gets in your head, man!!

The Woman in Black (2012)

Celia and I had a tv day, we had a tub of celebrations and we had a whole load of other yums. We watched Something Wicked This Way Comes, a favourite of mine from way back, young Jonathan Pryce, you are super lovely and scary as fuck. We watched the first House of Cards and Celia fell in love with Urquhart just as I had, oh FU, you creepy calculating charmer! We also went and bought the Woman in Black and watched it. It was GREAT! YES, you heard me! I enjoyed it! I thought it was a good old fashioned make-you-jump Hammer horror film. when they relied on shadows and half seen things out the corner of your eye it was a hundred times scarier than anything graphic or gruesome! Daniel Radcliffe was best when he didn't speak, he's good at acting scared so he was good in the part. I also liked the dog and was glad it didn't get hurt! Fun times!

Lawless (2012)

 Guy Pearce was the best thing in it, typical Guy Pearce creepy psycho weirdo. And Gary Oldman was actually good as well, and I'm so used to him being the same these days that I forgot how brilliant he was in Leon, he was just as psycho violent in this. Rest of the film disappointingly boring and I don't want to see someone being tarred and feathered, that's too violent for me and will give me nightmares.

Looper (2012)

 How the flip did they do it? How did they make Tommy from 3rd Rock from the Sun look like a young Bruce Willis?! False nose, false eyes, big drawn on eyebrows (despite the fact Bruce has no eyebrows) and- now this is the important bit- Tommy doing an impression; that wry sideways smile Bruce always does and the short derrisive laugh. It was an ok film, I only went because I wanted to see someone doing an impression of Bruce, I like seeing actors doing impressions! There was a bit that was a bit too much for me and Celia, too graphic and horrible, yuck, you know the bit.

Total Recall (2012)

After a date with a bucket of chicken on a park bench me and Stephen went to the other cinema in York- the one I'd never been to, the 1930s art deco one! and we saw the Total Recall remake, I think he was appalled to find out I'd never seen the original. I imagine the original couldn't possibly be as bad as that. But hey, you never know! It could be shite too! You know your film is suffering when Bryan Cranston and Bill Nighy are the potential bad guys.

Brave (2012)

 Me and Anna also saw this one. It was ok, when not comparing it to other Pixar films, jus comparing it to other recent Disney films, it was ok and I liked the bear. But compared to the standard of Pixar's other films (not including Cars) it was bland, very very bland.

Moonrise Kingdom (2012)

 Anna and I went to see it. I did like it. Especially Bruce Willis. Bruce Willis as a real hero. Bruce Willis as a sad lonely middle aged guy who lives in a caravan and then saves a kid's life- I love it! It looked and sounded great, as Wes Anderson's films always do, but I couldn't help feeling on edge a few times and I had a huge confusing conversation inside my head about it... Was I just more aware that certain bits of the film would be a paedophile's dream film (to buy a ticket to and hide in) because I'm aware that there are pervs and creeps out there or was I creep to think those scenes were a bit too uncomfortably Lolita? Was it weird that there were naked kids on screen with boners?! I don't think it was gratuitous and I don't think it would have not-happened, but was it weird that some guy filmed it and put it in his movie? I don't know. It's political correctness gone mad! Or is it? Am I a prude or am I a perv?

The Dark Knight Rises (2012)

 Saw it with Dad-Y after a lunch at Jamie Oliver's York restaurant. Both of us went in saying "Well, I just don't see how it can be better than the last one." We both came out saying "It was a million times better than the last one!!" We only saw it once and we haven't analysed the crap out of it, I enjoyed it SO much I can't wait to get it for Christmas and watch it a second time- might fast forward all Michael Caine's overacting though.

The Five Year Engagement (2012)

Oh god why!? Is it tradition?! Why do me and Lauren see such terrible films?! At least we went bowling, had a cheap Frankie and Benny's lunch and went to Toys R Us too. This film was so bloody awful and over-long. He should have opened a god damn restaurant himself! It was his own fault that he hated his life, NO SYMPATHY. Best bit; serious conversation between Emily Blunt and Trudy from Mad Men done through Elmo and Cookie Monster toys and voices.

The Dictator (2012)

 My choice again. Best joke right at the beginning; "Your test results have come back, you are HIV Aladeen." Rest of the film; nowhere near as good as that.

Prometheus (2012)

Day out with Rob and Lisa, ended with a terrible film which I say is terrible because I think that's the concensus. BUT, now call me a tiny fool if you must but I went into the film NOT KNOWING it was part of the Alien franchise so when all the Alien-type-things started happening I was thinking, 'hm, that's a bit like in Alien...' and when I thought I was the only person in the audience to figure out it was an Alien prequel I felt pretty damn pleased with myself! People are right, ignorance is bliss, I really enjoyed Prometheus! Even all the awful stupid plot holes! I will admit though, the first ten minutes with David dying his hair and watching old movies and playing basketball, those were undoubtedly the best bits.

Men in Black III (2012)

God, it was terrible. I'm sorry we had to see it. Highlight was when the creepy bad guy spoke and I went 'Fuck, is that Jermaine from Flight of the Conchords?!' and it was.

The Amazing Spider-man (2012)

 Me, Anna, Mikey and Roger all went out to the big cinema to see Spidey, we had pizzas and crap at Frankie and Benny's first and Roger's student ID got us FIFTEEN pounds off the final bill! Now that was amazing. I don't know, it was ok, Anna really enjoyed it (and she hates comics!) She was really upset when Uncle Ben died, and it was great because she'd forgotten he does die, I suppose that's the advantage of not being a nerd, that film actually surprised her!

The Avengers (2012)

Me and Mikey saw it the day after it came out, for comic shop duty of course... and Lauren and Steve went another time, for comic shop duty of course! It were great! I'd like to see it again, but this time Iron-man should die. That's right, I said it! I find him irritating, cocky and wankery beyond belief, I wanted Loki to kill him.

The Cabin in the Woods (2012)

And now for all the films I've seen since April! Yikes, a few of these, including this one, were comic shop work-outings, so we knew what the customers were talking about! I haven't worked there since August! Yeah, I miss it a lot, I miss knowing what comics are out and I miss spotify and tea breaks and the price guns... But I've been really busy and even though I could have come back october, november, december well, my appendix burst and then I had a lot more complications and I'm bedbound til Christmas and then fingers crossed I have that new job in January, so actually it's good that I left with time for the gang to replace me rather than them suddenly being in the lurch! Annoyed I missed Thought Bubble AGAIN though...

So Steve, Mikey and I went to see this 'cause all the nerds were talking about it. It was good, it was clever and it was scary. Well, I found it scary, sorry, I don't like zombies and violence and monsters! Mikey liked it but thought it wasn't scary, Steve didn't think it was scary either... It was!!

King Lear, Almeida

 So I've been waiting for it for what, ten years? Seems like it. But it was announced a year ago Jonathan Pryce, Jonathan Pryce, my favourite actor, master of despair, break-down acting and also comedy and musical, Jonathan Pryce would be doing King Lear. I almost didn't get a ticket! I waited up til midnight and got two of the last seats. Thank you appendix, wherever you are now (insinerated I hope) thank you for waiting for after the play to start exploding! Jonathan was great. There have been so many Lears recently, Jacobi, McKellen, Poslethwaite, did Patrick Stewart do one too? How would Jonathan play it? Well, as I always excpected, and of course hoped, he played it sexually! The reason the other daughters hated him and Cordelia so much was that he'd abused them and not her. It makes sense! And we're not talking abused one time, he's still doing it! Even though both daughters are married and have their own castles!! What a shit! I was happy he died. Edmund was particularly good too, he played it Geordie and every single thing he said was so easily accessible compared to the way some of the other actors delivered their Shakespeare. I'm sure it's something to do with him being a Geordie... Anyway, maybe it was my appendicitis kicking in and making me crazy but when Jonathan Pryce was being uber disgusting and filthy sexual, while other members of the audience (Alison, Bill Paterson, etc.) were vomitting into their handbags I was all like 'phoar!'
I will never get over how ace he is.

Blue/Orange, York Grand

The night me and Rob went to see Blue/Orange in town I started to get bad back pains, they were terrible for three days then they eased and I went to see King Lear in London, that's when my troubles really started! Anyhoo, I took some paracetemol and we went to see the play. It was good! The three actors did a great job, all of them, I went to see Robert Bathurst of course, who Rob likened to a gorilla but who I've always seen as a charming blond boy. It was a good psychological drama and the first time me and Rob have been to the theatre together, I think he enjoyed going too but next time I think a period piece, something less mind-fucky!

Last of the Haussmans, NT live

Haven't been to the National Theatre for ages! Don't know when I will! I really wanted to see the new John Lithgow play but I'll probably miss it, I hope I get to see Alan Bennett's latest as well but I think it's all sold out already! But when you miss plays you can always go to see them at the cinema these days! We saw Rory Kinnear's latest (we haven't missed anything he's done for the last six years or so! He's great!) at the cinema. We were glad we hadn't made the trip. To be honest I wouldn't actually want to pay to see Julie Walters do anything, I think she's ghastly, over-rated and the same in everything. She was ok in this, but still just Julie Walters. Rory was ok too, but really it showed that it was the writer's first play, it wasn't saying anything about selfish baby-boomers we didn't already know. The good thing, the really good thing was Helen McCrory, she was really really good. Her preformace made the play worth seeing, after being angry that Rory was just playing a depressed gay goth and Julie Walters was her annoying self it took a while to realise the play wasn't about them, it was about McCrory's character and all the shit she had to put up with, she was really excellent. I'd like to see her for real next time.

An Appointment with the Wickerman, Edinburgh Fringe

 I managed to go back to Edinburgh to see my pals, I realised while I was there how much I missed them (as I always do!) and I managed to go stay with them for three days and see a lot of good shows, all the shows, bar this one, I saw were at the Sweet venue at the Apex International Hotel on the Grassmarket, what a lovely hotel and venue- great food too! I had a few meals there! Because all my pals were working, either at the venue, which they manage and run, or in the shows, I spent all my time there, and with a horrible rainy summer I didn't mind, I've done all of Edinburgh you can do, I really enjoyed sitting in the bar waiting for another chum to go on a break and have a meal or a drink with me! I saw magic and mind reading, drama, comedy and student theatre! They had a great mix of shows. Pierrepoint, a monologue with the condemned man acting out his last night silently behind the straight-talking yorkshire hangman was extremely good, both actors were brilliant, gripping stuff! The only show I saw outside the Sweet was An Appointment with the Wickerman, a show reccommended to me by Paul.

If you like Still Game, Fags, Mags & Bags, the boy who played Oliver Wood in the Harry Potter films and The Wickerman you would LOVE this show. I love all those things, and I loved that show. It's about a small island am-dram group putting on a horrendously camp and inappropriate musical version of the Wickerman, their lead actor mysteriously disappears so a young professional actor (off of a naff Scottish tv cop show) takes the gig and while rehearsing starts to wonder if the islanders aren't hiding something sinister from him... It was friggin amazing. I hope they film it.

Dandy Dick, York Grand

Maria and I went for my burfday down the road to see Nick le Prevost doing his latest. I'd had to see the posters of his face all over the posh end of town for a month, we even had one up in the bookshop! "I must work in a middle-class shop, there's a picture of you on the wall. Arf arf." I quipped, he groaned. No, it was nice to have a silly show to see for my birthday and have a drink with the cast afterwards, that Irish boy who played the violin was a lovely chap. As for the play well the first twenty minutes were rather slow but after that Nick was in every scene, lighting it up, a joy. And it was a good giggle, I liked the Frankenstein bit where the vicar creates the horse tonic in the lightening storm, good and silly, that's what it was, good costumes and I really liked the music!

Edinburgh Fringe 2012 DAYTRIP

I wasn't sure if I would visit my pals at the Edinburgh Fringe this year, but I booked a daytrip for me and Rob, an early train and a late train back to York, four shows of different genres and enough time for a big dinner at the steak and mussles place! I actually booked the trip when I thought my friend Suzie was coming from America so they were all chosen with her in mind! Suzie is into sporty things and arty things, also she is a published children's author/illustrator, so she likes kids things too! So the four shows I picked were Peter and the Wolf performed by two Russian clowns with minamilist puppets! Leo, a one man dance sensation! The Man Who Planted Trees, a nice little eco-puppet story half in French and my friends' comedy sketch show A Brief History of Scotland, so she could meet them! If I'd have known I was picking for Rob I would have cut the first three!! It turned out he did like my friends' show the best, lot of laughs! I have reviewed it before but there were new sketches and tighter old sketches, it was great. DBS are an excellent young theatre company, I'm proud to have been involved in a few of their ventures!

So we arrived in Edinburgh in the rain (August, of course it's raining!) went straight to John Lewis and had a massive breakfast while looking out of their cafe windows at the rooftops, this was a highlight! It didn't rain all day, Peter and the Wolf was good fun, the first half anyway, when they played the record and acted it out, the second half had odd new-age lift-muzak playing while they fucked about like a couple of idiots, that way you left the show with awful music in your head instead of the recognisable tune you enjoyed in the first half! We then had a coffee and went to see Leo. Flip!! He was amazing! I can't even begin to describe how clever it was, maybe there's a youtube video I can post here. Again, it went on a bit too long but otherwise I really liked watching it. Then The Man Who Planted Trees, which I saw last year and booked because I thought Suzie would like it, it was just as good as last year. Love that dog puppet. After seeing my pals' show and Rob meeting them and having a drink we had an amazing big meal at mussles and steak, then we came home- man we were TIRED!

Hercules, York Uni Pantosoc

(Audience of summer outdoor panto)
 Last year I went to see the York University Panto Society put on Treasure Island and it was amazingly good, clever writing and excellent songs, funny talented cast. This year it was ok, not nearly as good as last year, let down by the songs, but still a reet good laugh- and I didn't get sunburned this year!

Close the Coalhouse Door, York Theatre Royal

Oh god, this was awful. Just terrible and embarrassing. Terrible jokes and songs, twee and flat, embarrassing acting and stylistic choices. The worst part was how much the middle class audience seemed to enjoy it.

Betrayal, Sheffield Crucible

I passed myself off as a York Student and went on the Theatre-Goers trip to see Betrayal at the Crucible. What a great theatre and art gallery next door! With fab restaurants! Me and Anna had steak and chips beforehand, dee-lish! This is a play I don't remember much, well I do, but I found it dull and I found the cast dull. The art gallery was great though!

Matilda, Cambridge Theatre

For my birthday Anna got me the soundtrack from Matilda, we'd seen in two months previously the day after seeing Henry V. I hadn't really been too bothered, I didn't know what they'd done to it, I only knew Bertie Carvell was supposed to be very good in it. He was. He was! I'm glad we saw it before he left. Matilda was an excellent musical. The songs were great and the story and characters, though a little changed, much more faithful to the book than the sludgy-sentimental-american film. I mean, the Trunchbull was the best thing in the film, it was like Pam Ferris was born to play the part, she was a drill sergeant who had no time for small people, she was practically a big scary man, perfect. Perfect until you see Bertie Carvel. Bertie Carvel, a big scary man, played the Trunchbull like a little girl, her brain not developed enough to understand what's right and wrong, her brain only capable of understanding how to throw the hammer, how to do things by the rules, scared and disturbed by children but with the muscle and gigantic size to accidentally or maybe not accidentally KILL. Fuck, now THAT was terrifying. There were loads of school groups in when we saw the matinee, there was a special needs school in the stalls, every time the Truchbull appeared they all wailed in terror. Christ!!

Henry V, Globe

The Globe finished their World Shakespeare Season with Henry V, and also launched their new season with it. Jamie Parker returned as Hal and was as charming and cocky and young-Kenny-Brannagh as ever. We'd seen Henry IV parts one and two last year at the cinema and my god they were fantastic, so much better than the BBC's Hollow Crown series, Simon Russell Beale can fuck right off, he is a charmless slime-bucket, we love you Roger Allam, your Falstaff is my dream man, I was horrified at his "death scene cameo" (a large covered corpse was carried off) in Henry V. Yes, it was a good show and I'm glad I saw them all, but I miss Falstaff and as soon as it was over we went straight to the shop and bought Henry IV parts one and two on dvd to give to Dad-Y for birthday. Making this June!

Step 9 (of 12), Trafalgar Studios

With a Thursday afternoon to kill in London and all the exhibitions having been seen I got a ticket and and ice cream for this one act play in the Trafalgar Studios teeny intimate theatre. I sat in the front row, which was practically on the set- my feet were in the set, it was up close and personal! And it was a claustraphobic little play! Funny, then tense, then uncomfortable, then terrifying!! I really REALLY enjoyed it. Neil from the Inbetweeners starred and he was very good indeed, that boy has range and I couldn't help but totally fancy him when I realised what talent he has! I'm a sucker for talent. And he reminded me of Rob. He was the same height and shape, but like forty years younger. Ha!

A Marvelous Year for Plums, Chichester Festival Theatre

A matinee in Chichester, I wasn't staying there again, two years previously I stayed in the kind of hotel people get murdered in, mismatched sheets on my twin beds and stains on the walls! Night terrors! I'm glad I managed to see this one, my favourite scene was probably the meeting between Anthony Eden and young John Prescott on board that cruise ship, apparently it's all true! Anthony Andrews was great, very emotional, liked the scene with the breakdown and liked Nick le Prevost and Imogen Stubbs smooching, I've always liked her loads. Don't remember much else, loads of coughing old people as it was a matinee and god it was hot in there, someone even had their westie with them, he looked like he was wilting, all fur in the boiling heat. May was about as hot as it got this year!

Julius Ceasar, Globe

The day after Rufus Alison had to work so I went to see this Italian production of Julius Casear at the Globe as part of their World Shakespeare Season- all the works of Shakespeare in 40 different languages. Anna, who booked the tickets and then couldn't come, speaks Italian. I don't. There were no subtitles but I've seen the play, I know what's happening... I managed to sell my extra ticket to an Italian girl and then we went and watched it. Ok... It was an avant-garde, minamilist sort of thing, modern dress too, but I followed the weak visual puns (lightbulb held over head, writhing in torment, etc.) and I followed the plot. My favourite bit was when they all killed 'Ceasar'... Ceasar was played by a leather chair with the seat punched out. Later on when each character died, they sat in the chair- you know, it's symbolic... Ha!!! It was tripe! And the Italian audience bloody loved it! Actually, my real favourite bit was when the old ladies in front of me who had been following their English texts throughout the performance said after the chair-murder to each other "I think the chap with the moustache is Caesar." That was Brutus!! Caesar had already been killed!! How could they not follow it?! Jeez!

Rufus Wainwright, Lyceum

Rufus Wainwright's new album Out of the Game came out and I went with Alison (not a fan but a last minute replacement for poorly Anna) to see him play at the Lyceum in April. He was wonderous. I love- LOVE- Rufus Wainwright. He's the only musician I think I actually like, I like sad songs and I like poetry and I like sarcastic beautiful gay lads. I had never seen him live before, other than when we saw his opera and he just came on at the end and said thanks, he played the entirety of the album and a lot of favourites, he did three encores including bringing his sister Martha out and making her sing! Bonus! it was ace, I loved it and Alison got her book signed by Mark Gatiss who was sitting in front of us, I think that was the highlight for her, that and Sheekys afterwards.

The Magic Flute, Prague State Opera House

I'm now going to review all the theatre/opera/concerts I've seen since April in chronological order, we should end with Jonathan Pryce's King Lear, which I saw last month, the night my appendicitis kicked in!

Rob and I went to Prague in April, we stayed in a boatel, a boat-hotel, it was amazing, two duvets on a double bed, one each?! Why did I never think of that?! So we did lots of Prague things, saw the sights and the museums and the architecture, ate revolting meat dishes and beer but found the best food was at the opera house. Rob booked the holiday and I booked the opera. Rob had never been to the opera but seeing as he loves the film Amadeus so much, and so much of it was filmed in Prague, I thought it would be nice to see a Mozart at their state opera house! It was fab and funny and had great tunes (the other operas I've been to I found tedious, I think the trick is to see one where you already know the music is to your taste!) At the interval we had ridiculously cheap fab open sandwiches and glasses of champagne. The only downside was the theatre layout, there were no normal seats (stalls, circle, etc) it was all little compartments, each with six seats, we shared our compartment with four Americans. The mum and mum's mate adored it, the dad and teenage daughter were bored and fidgetting throughout, before the cast had even taken their bows the dad said obnoxiously "Well, you've seen a Prague opera, you can cross that off your list!" The wife should have punched him in the nuts! Anyway, they didn't bother us much and it made for a good anecdote.

Mad Men, Season Five (and yes I'm still alive)

Ok. I'm going to start with this one because I have just rewatched it on DVD after having watched it all when it was originally on tv. I haven't put anything on here since April, I've been useless! I blame having that job at the comic shop! And then having that tv job in Leeds and then being on holiday and then being in hospital. I am now bedbound and so I have no excuse... The thing is I actually did keep a note of all the films and plays I've seen and I prepared images for the blog, I just never seemed to have time to write it. So now, even though the reviews will be short and probably I'll say "I can't really remember it" a lot, at least I'll be back up to date!

Madmen season five was thrilling, I loved watching it weekly as well as watching it all in a couple of nights last week! Peggy is just the bomb, I can't wait for her in the next season. I can't write more, just that I love it and I'm glad after a season of Don thinking he can be different with Megan the final shot of him was like "Ah, fuck it, I'm Don Draper!"