Thursday, 22 November 2012

An Appointment with the Wickerman, Edinburgh Fringe

 I managed to go back to Edinburgh to see my pals, I realised while I was there how much I missed them (as I always do!) and I managed to go stay with them for three days and see a lot of good shows, all the shows, bar this one, I saw were at the Sweet venue at the Apex International Hotel on the Grassmarket, what a lovely hotel and venue- great food too! I had a few meals there! Because all my pals were working, either at the venue, which they manage and run, or in the shows, I spent all my time there, and with a horrible rainy summer I didn't mind, I've done all of Edinburgh you can do, I really enjoyed sitting in the bar waiting for another chum to go on a break and have a meal or a drink with me! I saw magic and mind reading, drama, comedy and student theatre! They had a great mix of shows. Pierrepoint, a monologue with the condemned man acting out his last night silently behind the straight-talking yorkshire hangman was extremely good, both actors were brilliant, gripping stuff! The only show I saw outside the Sweet was An Appointment with the Wickerman, a show reccommended to me by Paul.

If you like Still Game, Fags, Mags & Bags, the boy who played Oliver Wood in the Harry Potter films and The Wickerman you would LOVE this show. I love all those things, and I loved that show. It's about a small island am-dram group putting on a horrendously camp and inappropriate musical version of the Wickerman, their lead actor mysteriously disappears so a young professional actor (off of a naff Scottish tv cop show) takes the gig and while rehearsing starts to wonder if the islanders aren't hiding something sinister from him... It was friggin amazing. I hope they film it.

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  1. This sounds amazing. I hope they do make it into a film.