Saturday, 18 September 2010

Bleak Expectations Series FOUR

Anna and I went to see two episodes of the new series of Bleak Expectations being recorded.
Bleak Expectations is ace. We watched episodes three and four being recorded, the second one was much much stronger than the first, what a relief, Mark Evans hasn't lost it. I won't go into detail but the Robinson Crusoe bits were hilarious.
The BBC Radio Theatre is gorgeous (and not in this picture of series two being recorded!) lovely art deco. And as we were on the guest list (yeah, that's right, guest list!) we got to sit very close to the front and appreciate the amount of facial expressions the actors did while in character. Anthony Head obviously has a brilliant time playing Gently Benevolent- ironically the cruelest and most horrid man in all of Victorian Britain.

Friday, 17 September 2010

House of Cards (1990)

Francis Urquhart is so fucking creepy and Machiavellian, he is AMAZING.
Ian Richardson makes my flesh crawl. But I love it!
I have never seen talking to the camera used like this before and it works because Richardson is so fucking good. When he talks to you, his audience, his conspirator, it's the fucking creepiest experience of your life, he makes TV better than theatre.
It is addictive. I want more. And the best thing is, I completely don't fancy him! He makes me feel sick, he makes me shudder with disgust, but I do want him, I want Urquhart.

What's Eating Gilbert Grape (1993)

This film was better than Stand by Me(1986), which I won't even bother reviewing separately (also watched last week), I'll just say that the best bit in that was either Keifer's hair or the fat kid saying "You're right, what the fuck was Goofy?!"
Well, actually, the film wasn't better. Just the actor. Stand by Me was a good story and reminded me of other Stephen King movies of the time and Something Wicked This Way Comes (1986)- mainly because of the location and the narration. I thought Gilbert Grape was ok. I still dislike Julliette Lewis, though still love Mary Steenburgen. Johnny was ok, nothing spectacular, but I never really think he is- only in Ed Wood do I think he's something really special!
Nah, this film is all about Leo. He was the fucking bomb. Best spazzmo ever. How come he never got that Oscar? Let me just check who did get it that year... Tommy Lee Jones?! What the fuck! He's shite!!

Hot Tub Time Machine (2010)

That boy who played John Cusack's twenty year old reflection looked more like John Cusack than twenty year old John Cusack did in Stand by Me!
I really enjoyed HTTM, it was brill, just totally stupid. No pretending it was possible or explainable, just; "oh right, the hot tub must have sent us back in time," and if you're willing to accept that why not accept the whole film as being jolly good fun? The first joke seemed gross and out of place though, dog-crap jokes? Puh-leaze!*
The only other niggle I had was that the girls they got off with twenty years ago were still the same age when they got back to the future.
That reminds me, Crispin Glover is still ace.

*The conclusion of episode two of HR was brought about by Peter and Sam engaging in a dog shit battle with an enemy.