Friday, 17 September 2010

House of Cards (1990)

Francis Urquhart is so fucking creepy and Machiavellian, he is AMAZING.
Ian Richardson makes my flesh crawl. But I love it!
I have never seen talking to the camera used like this before and it works because Richardson is so fucking good. When he talks to you, his audience, his conspirator, it's the fucking creepiest experience of your life, he makes TV better than theatre.
It is addictive. I want more. And the best thing is, I completely don't fancy him! He makes me feel sick, he makes me shudder with disgust, but I do want him, I want Urquhart.


  1. Is that the lovely Jane Bennett I see there?

  2. oh, yes it is. That was a late reply! She is Urquhart's best bird, apart from his missus of course, she is way the best, but Susie H up there is the one who haunts him!

  3. 31 years, is this the biggest age gap on tv?