Sunday, 22 December 2013

Thor The Dark World (2013)

Me and my dad went to see The new Thor film the other day (our local cinema shows things a couple of months late) we enjoyed it to an extent. As in the same extent that everyone else enjoyed it. We were just waiting for Loki.
Seriously those films would be nothing without Tom Hiddleston. He has got a good deal going on. He’s the draw. He’s the reason we go to the cinema. Well done that boy.

Frozen (2013)

Lauren and I saw the new Disney movie last week. We were off to Bruges where the annual ice sculpture festival's theme was THIS film, we ended up not seeing the ice sculptures- we were too busy constantly eating. But the film was nice, I liked the message (don't marry the first guy that comes along) and I liked all the songs. 

Ghost Graduation (2012)

Promoción Fantasma is the Spanish film Lauren and I went to see at the Leeds Film Festival last month. It was a wonderful nostalgic bit of silly fluff. Breakfast Club ghosts from the 1980s haunting a modern day Spanish school, in comes the adorable nerdy young teacher (Raúl Arévalo) who can see dead people, he helps them pass their high school diplomas so they can pass on to the other world. I wish it was cheaper on dvd so I could have got it for Christmas.

The Wolverine (2013)

Me and my dad rented Wolverine and though I’m not keen on the ol’ ninjas, samurais and Japanese things in general (yawn) I thought it was a great comic book movie!! And I enjoyed it way more than the previous Wolverine film! Well done Hugh Jackman!

Sixty-Six (2006)

How did I miss this? It was lovely!! A real wonderful family feel good movie! I recommend it to anyone trying to think of something to watch the day after Four Weddings and a Funeral or something, it’s the same nice sort of gentle British comedy. Great cast!

Drifters (e4)

Lauren made me watch this. I had seen the advert and it hadn’t appealed, all I’d heard was ‘female Inbetweeners’ No thanks.
It’s not. It’s not female Inbetweeners, yes, it’s written by and stars Neil’s bird from the film- also Jay’s bird and one of the scary bad girls from school. BUT it was not a version of anything I’d seen before. Other than MY OWN LIFE.
The girls are all brilliant and not one dud episode. It was great and some bits so close to home- in a good and awful way!

Toast of London (channel 4)

Now for some telly. Remember the pilot episode of Toast of London last year? Matt Berry as a stage actor struggling to survive in his shit play with radio work, voice overs and no films or tv. Another show that is tailor-made for me to enjoy. I bloody love it.
Only one bad episode- unfortunately it was the one I made my mum and sister watch. The one with the nuclear submarine.
The finale with Michael Ball was FUCKING AMAZING. I believe all of Toast is being repeated in one night this holiday season. Hoorah. Bring on a second series.