Sunday, 22 December 2013

Emil and the Detectives (National Theatre)

I went to see the National Theatre’s Christmas show on the preview night a couple of weeks ago. It was good fun but I regretted not having any children with me. I don’t know, it wasn’t my cup of tea, and maybe it’s cruel to say so but I didn’t enjoy it because I just didn’t think the kids were good enough! Maybe they’ll get better (or are better already!) with practicing the show but the majority of them were just not very good at projecting their lines. I was not that far away from the stage and I had trouble understanding what they were saying. Also, and yeah, I guess this is cruel, I just thought all of them lacked charm. There were only two of the child actors who I thought were charming and that I’d want to be friends with if I was a kid.
Still though, the children in the audience loved it and I could see how special it would feel to go there as a family for your Christmas show.

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