Sunday, 22 December 2013

From Morning to Midnight (National Theatre)

And now the National Theatre’s Christmas show for grown ups! I saw it a couple of weeks ago, another preview, with my friend Lisa for her birthday. I don’t think she’s a fan of German expressionism or maybe she was just two hungover from the day before… but I actually really enjoyed it.
Adam Godley’s performance was totally insane, all arms and leg and jerky angles, I booked it because I knew he was good but I did not realize just how good he was. Brilliant. I enjoyed the first half of the play more than the second, I think just because of the maniacal behavior, but also the beautiful snow! Ever seen a giant stage covered in billowing snowdrifts? Lovely! There were some great things to look at in the second half too but Adam Godley calmed down (a bit) and there was not nearly as much shrieking and clambering about.
Long tall actors should always clamber about like loons. It pleases me.

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