Thursday, 22 November 2012

The Cabin in the Woods (2012)

And now for all the films I've seen since April! Yikes, a few of these, including this one, were comic shop work-outings, so we knew what the customers were talking about! I haven't worked there since August! Yeah, I miss it a lot, I miss knowing what comics are out and I miss spotify and tea breaks and the price guns... But I've been really busy and even though I could have come back october, november, december well, my appendix burst and then I had a lot more complications and I'm bedbound til Christmas and then fingers crossed I have that new job in January, so actually it's good that I left with time for the gang to replace me rather than them suddenly being in the lurch! Annoyed I missed Thought Bubble AGAIN though...

So Steve, Mikey and I went to see this 'cause all the nerds were talking about it. It was good, it was clever and it was scary. Well, I found it scary, sorry, I don't like zombies and violence and monsters! Mikey liked it but thought it wasn't scary, Steve didn't think it was scary either... It was!!

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