Thursday, 22 November 2012

Moonrise Kingdom (2012)

 Anna and I went to see it. I did like it. Especially Bruce Willis. Bruce Willis as a real hero. Bruce Willis as a sad lonely middle aged guy who lives in a caravan and then saves a kid's life- I love it! It looked and sounded great, as Wes Anderson's films always do, but I couldn't help feeling on edge a few times and I had a huge confusing conversation inside my head about it... Was I just more aware that certain bits of the film would be a paedophile's dream film (to buy a ticket to and hide in) because I'm aware that there are pervs and creeps out there or was I creep to think those scenes were a bit too uncomfortably Lolita? Was it weird that there were naked kids on screen with boners?! I don't think it was gratuitous and I don't think it would have not-happened, but was it weird that some guy filmed it and put it in his movie? I don't know. It's political correctness gone mad! Or is it? Am I a prude or am I a perv?

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