Thursday, 22 November 2012

Last of the Haussmans, NT live

Haven't been to the National Theatre for ages! Don't know when I will! I really wanted to see the new John Lithgow play but I'll probably miss it, I hope I get to see Alan Bennett's latest as well but I think it's all sold out already! But when you miss plays you can always go to see them at the cinema these days! We saw Rory Kinnear's latest (we haven't missed anything he's done for the last six years or so! He's great!) at the cinema. We were glad we hadn't made the trip. To be honest I wouldn't actually want to pay to see Julie Walters do anything, I think she's ghastly, over-rated and the same in everything. She was ok in this, but still just Julie Walters. Rory was ok too, but really it showed that it was the writer's first play, it wasn't saying anything about selfish baby-boomers we didn't already know. The good thing, the really good thing was Helen McCrory, she was really really good. Her preformace made the play worth seeing, after being angry that Rory was just playing a depressed gay goth and Julie Walters was her annoying self it took a while to realise the play wasn't about them, it was about McCrory's character and all the shit she had to put up with, she was really excellent. I'd like to see her for real next time.

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