Thursday, 22 November 2012

Eastbound and Down Seasons 1 & 2

'Sup mother fuckers, it's Kenny fuckin' Powers! This is my last "Review" I'm currently waiting for season 3 of Kenny fuckin' Powers, as I call it, to arrive. I loved the first season, it was ridiculous and disgusting but it had heart (Kenny's love of April and her boobs) the second season was not nearly as good, it felt weak and they got rid of the heart and added more gross (Stop letting Stevie say things!! Argh! So gross and uncomfortable!!) I read online they shot it all in a month! I can believe it. I was ready to not buy any more seasons but hell, god damn them if they didn't just go and return home to his brother, brother's family, the principal and April and her boobs in the last episode and make me want to see what happens! Tch! I did enjoy Matthew McConaughey's creepy gay cameo. My mum couldn't believe it was the same naked hot guy who models for perfume ads. Hope he's back in season 3! Smell you later tv diary! Consider yourself updated at last! I'll be adding the first season if In Treatment to this list soon, I'm in the middle of watching it!

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