Thursday, 22 November 2012

Blue/Orange, York Grand

The night me and Rob went to see Blue/Orange in town I started to get bad back pains, they were terrible for three days then they eased and I went to see King Lear in London, that's when my troubles really started! Anyhoo, I took some paracetemol and we went to see the play. It was good! The three actors did a great job, all of them, I went to see Robert Bathurst of course, who Rob likened to a gorilla but who I've always seen as a charming blond boy. It was a good psychological drama and the first time me and Rob have been to the theatre together, I think he enjoyed going too but next time I think a period piece, something less mind-fucky!

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  1. I love how promo photos for plays are always the moment when something really bizarro is happening on stage and everyone is pulling weird expressions and you can't figure out what's going on. And then you're like - "This looks challenging and avant-garde! Must see it!"