Saturday, 21 November 2009

Jon Richardson: This Guy at Night (Soho Theatre)

Jon's routine about Home Alone 2 killed me.
He's tightened the show right up since the preview I saw in July, but I was pleased to hear new rambling ad-libs, I always find those the best bits.
He is a seriously funny and clever young man -and very cute.
Listen to his Sunday morning radio show.


  1. Comedy about Home Alone 2? That sounds like the sort of thing I would be interested in.

  2. Jon's idea of a perfect first date is watching Home Alone 2 with pizza. Apparently you know she's not 'the one when half way through the film she says: "Who are those two?"
    "... Those are the burglars... They were in the first film."
    "I haven't seen the first film."
    "Then why the **** are we watching the second one?!?!"