Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Extreme Ops (2002)

Listen to this, this is the summary from the Radio Times and the reason why I set the video and taped this film:

"Mediocre action film starring Rupert Graves and Rufus Sewell. A group of snowboarders persue a war criminal."

And it did it's job; it passed an hour and a half with my father who is not happy unless he is in front of a screen (or at Lidl). It was as expected bloody awful. But sort of rewardingly bad, you know, we enjoyed the appallingly bad dialogue and bad acting, the overacting to compensate for the miscasting of Gravesy as an obnoxious American... and in general this very poor attempt at finding a suitable leading role for Rufus Sewell.
Ah, Roofy, you had such promise... But somebody blew it, you never got to be Heathcliff, and Heathcliff you were born to play. Yes, he is at his charming best when in period dramas, somehow his smouldering charm does not come across in modern settings, probably because he looks like an old painting, I know how you feels Roofy, I am in that same boat, we should probably just get married... I hate seeing him cast as bad guys, creeps and obnoxious wankers, that's what Hollywood thinks of him! What do they know?!
Anyway, in the end I was quite getting into it despite it being about something I have no interest in and it being so badly written (the last scene showed Rufus Sewell looking out of the window at his extreme-sports friends doing a wacky stunt on a train that happened to be passing his office at that exact moment, Roofy rolled his eyes and muttered: "Here we go again!") But then it just ended and all the bad guys suddenly died! It needed someone to come in and write a proper ending! Then I would have given it a nice average two stars instead of one. Pah!

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