Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Merlin and the Sword (1985)

Me and Lauren watched this masterpiece on saturday morning with our breakfast. It was actually very entertaining in a total trash way, you would never guess it was made in 1985, it looks like 1970.
The best bit was the dragon fight at the end and the many shots of Rupert Everett's gormless face. I wanted a picture of his gormless face for the review but there is practically nothing on the internet about this film other than weird youtube videos of naked Rupert... Oh, and a trailer that someone has put their own narration on to, I can't really see how the original narration could have been much different to tell you the truth.


  1. Ha! I laughed so hard at that trailer. It has so many famous people in it, is the funny thing. Maybe the pig lady will turn out to be Helena Bonham Carter in her youth.

  2. Pig face was the best character.