Saturday, 31 January 2009

Blog Introduction

Hello Blog-readers,
Amy here, I'm setting up this blog with the intention of actually continuing on a weekly basis. Those of you who know me may now be thinking of my fabled opus; comic 'Our Pokemon Journey'... well, don't think about that abandoned masterpiece, instead think about the dedication to my appreciation of actor Jonathan Pryce- I haven't stopped that in ten years!
If you don't know me at all, please ignore and try to forget all of that. I promise my blog will try to entertain you.
So on with the introduction: I watch a lot of films, I own a lot of films, people glance at the dvd/video corner/room and say; "Wow! You've got a good collection!" but on closer inspection all these onlookers retract their previous and offer instead; "What is all this shite?" Yes, I watch a lot of shite, and I frequently tell people/force them to watch shite.
Suzie suggested I write a blog where I can review things that I have seen. I don't know if this is because she finds it amusing when I tell her my thoughts on terrible/amazing films (that's right, I own some non-shite too...) or because she's fed up of hearing about it and she thinks just because I write a blog means she won't have to listen to my rants- think again Suzie!!
My goal is to review at least two films- or tv shows a week (I also read books and go to the theatre on a regular basis, we'll have to see how dedicated I become to this blog) after all; I'm eight years old, tv is my life (actually I'm 23, but that sounds pathetic).
NB. Please don't rely on this blog for reviews of current films and programs, I still think Drop the Dead Donkey is recent. The theatre will be current of course, I don't have a time machine!
(if anyone has a time machine please give us a lend of it, I promise only to use it for theatre- those of you who know me will know this is a very, very ominous pledge...)

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