Saturday, 31 January 2009

Shopgirl (2005)

I have a feeling the reviews of films I hated will be better than the reviews of films I actually enjoyed. Tonight Suzie and I watched Shopgirl, which I've actually wanted to see since it came out and is one of the few films Suzie owns (along with The Other Boleyn Girl and Blades of Glory), I wanted to see it but I think it went straight to video over here. I seem to recall Novocaine went that way too. I saw that film when the video came out though, and I have to say I was mightily disturbed.
I'm a Steve Martin fan, I own every single one of his films up to and including Bowfinger, God, that film is brilliant. Ok, I saw a couple of awful recent-ish ones too, like Cheaper By the Dozen- shudder... we all know Steve should just stop and let us remember the good times. But I wanted to see Shopgirl because it's clearly not along the Bringing Down the House lines, and I hoped it wouldn't be along the same lines as Novocaine either. It wasn't along the same lines, I actually enjoyed it. I thought it was very funny- in the right places, and very well written, yes, the sexy scenes are all wrong, but only because it's Steve Martin (ie your dream-dad), at least he's learnt to tone them down and show nothing but the lovely girly unlike in Novocaine- another shudder.
Steve's written the film's two male characters the way he was as a young man and the way I guess he is now, pity that people still want him to play the goofy idiot- and more pity that he continues to do so.

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