Thursday, 2 April 2009

Walk the Line (2005)

I stupidly bought Dreamgirls (2006) a couple of days ago because it was reduced to £5 and I'd never seen it. Ugh, why do I keep doing this? Just like when I went to see Mama Mia! and assumed it would be good... I saw Enchanted, Sweeney Todd, Hairspray and something else... Can't remember what, anyway, I saw al those films and thought "Hey! Hollywood's going back to making good old fashioned musicals! The emphasis was on the word good. They were Singing in the Rain standard! (well, not that good, but not friggin' Brigadoon bad!) I'm fooled by these terrible films with songs. Dreamgirls was horrendous, hello, plot? Where are you!? The numbers that the band sang on stage were good! The unexpected songs that the actors suddenly started singing not on stage were jarringly awful! Make your mind up! Make a film about a band where you get to see them doing their numbers or do a musical, don't mix them! Or if you do, make it clear you're going to do that!! Don't put the first off-stage number in more than half an hour into the film! Start with one! Then we know it might happen again and we can leave the cinema!!
Walk the Line. There's a film I should have bought. Instead I watched it a day later, ah, a good film, a film with fantastic musical performances in all the right places- on stage!!! I don't know why I thought Dreamgirls would be good, I think somewhere in my mind I had remembered it was a film about the Supremes. I like the Supremes. There's one memorable song in Dreamgirls, and I only remember it because ITV use it in practically all of their advertising. Johnny Cash, he had some good songs, and thank God, in the film about Johnny Cash they used Johnny Cash songs.
I like Country music and I like Rock and Roll. Early Rock and Roll like this is my favourite. My sister is all about new music, so was my Suzie and my Shona (past flatmates). I don't list music as an interest because I feel I know nothing about it, but I'm always singing and when I do find something I like (which is a couple of times a year I suppose) it's usually Rock and Roll or Country. The last person I added to my music list (in September) was Emmy Lou Harris -guess which genre she comes under.
I got goosebumps at the Bob Dylan cover, I was thrilled when I saw the boy playing Carl Perkins do a number or two and I loved Jerry Lewis, the film was great! Why did I wait so long to see it?! Maybe it was my aversion to Reese Witherspoon's chin, odd, I like a lot of her films, well, Pleasantville and Election. But she and Phoenix were spot on perfect and amazing singers. I'll be watching it again soon.
Anyone seen my Carl Perkins and Chums album? Or whatever it's called... Pals?

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