Saturday, 28 March 2009

Brokeback Mountain (2005)

I can't believe I watched this film for a second time. Yeah, it was a film about gay cowboys, the one and only message being that gay men fall in love, wow, if you didn't know that you must be a dumb American. That's obviously who the target audience was.
Anyway, there's my review. On a totally different note I just want to say that it turns out all my theatre ramblings yesterday were wrong, it has been announced today that The Smoking Diaries a new play based on late playwright Simon Gray's memoirs, currently to be seen only in Chichester (ie outside of London) will soon be moving to London for a West End run.
I remember now (it's nearly 2 am, forgive my addled brain) I wanted to test something. I wrote that I wouldn't be able to see said play yesterday as it's in the middle of nowhere- Chichester- but now I will be able to see it, and I am greatly happy- though also nauseous and struck by nosebleeds and palpitations (I calls it 'love'...). So just a test; I wish Orchard would contact me soon and give me a friggin' job!
Stay here, I'll check my emails...

God damn it!!

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