Sunday, 1 March 2009

Amy Reviews: Your terrible choices.

You all voted terribly terribly wrong! All of you! All of you including me! And I know I had to hover over your shoulders just to get you to vote (except the mystery voter who I suspect lives in Chicago and is called Paul) but you all voted wrong, wrong, WRONG! The only person who voted correctly is Laura, and now I will explain why.
In joint second with one late-vote we have James Wilby, who I believed would win. The only reason he has a vote is because when moving back home two days ago I asked my sister who she would vote for and she said "Wilby, obviously. Before he went red." Bloody obvious is it?! Well why did no one else vote for him?! To illustrate how cute he is (before he went red) here is a picture of him in my favourite gay Merchant Ivory film Maurice- he's the one lying on top of a youthful Hugh Grant.
In joint second we have Hornblower! Voted for by Susie- I suspect a pity vote.
In joint second we have Tim McInnerny, here portraying creep Captain Darling in 1989s Blackadder. As voted for by me, for sentimental reasons, if I had never seen any of them before and had to judge purely on a physical level I would have done as Laura (and all of you SHOULD HAVE) and voted for joint second:
Robert Bathurst. Yes, look at Rob. Just look at him for god sake. Even with the cropping out of other Cold Feet cast members such as vile Jimmy Nesbit, horrific Hermione Norris, disgusting John Thompson, ugly Helen Baxendale and that other girl... he lies there beautiful as The David. Imagine him next to such abominations, he is gorgeous. Laura is a wise woman.
But who did you all vote for? Who did you all love in 1995s Pride and Prejudice? In first place; creepy, weasely, curly, David-Tennant-esq, Mr Bingley: Crispin Bonham-Carter.

Just thank god none of you voted for effing Westlife is all I can say.


  1. Really? That Robert Bathurst fellow? In Cold Feet I always thought he looked like the headmaster of the rest of the cast who had accidentally wandered into their social and emotional lives, when he should have been grading their papers and calling up their parents. Hornblower is dashing, young and stupid. That is why I voted for him.

  2. I never even watched Cold Feet, the ugly cast put me off. But the way you describe Rob's character makes me want to see it! All I remember of Rob Bathurst was that he was Todhunter in the first ever episode of Red Dwarf and by god he was gorgeous then.

  3. Mmm, I thought Cold Feet was quite boring. I only saw snippets. Helen Baxendale was the best looking, but even she was neither funny nor entertaining. And was whiny.

  4. I'm really late to the party here, but I found my way through some idle Googling and it makes sense for me to comment. If I said I've been obsessed with this video for many years... that would probably be an understatement. And I generally dislike Westlife, that's the power of the totty. One of the greatest ideas ever was to amass that much talent and stick it round one table. IN TUXEDOS.

    My vote would have gone to the golden haired adonis Mr Bathurst, of course. I'm just slightly obsessed with him too.