Friday, 27 February 2009

Margaret (Thursday BBC2)

My favourite tv series is 90s newsroom sitcom Drop the Dead Donkey written by Andy Hamilton and Guy Jenkin (now responsible for Outnumbered- which I also quite like, especially the sweet little girl). I want to say 'at last some faces to go along with the names!' but of course they are different (more handsome- in most cases) faces of actors rather than the actual Tory tosspots in Thatcher's 1990 cabinet. I begin to remember politics I'd say from 1994, and I know this because that's when I begin to get the current affairs jokes in DtDD (lucky too because the 1994 series of DtDD is by far the best series).
Margaret was over two hours of scheming Tory scum portrayed by some of my most favourite and most liberal theatre actors. Most perfectly cast I have to say, Oliver Cotton- who I have seen on stage before and who has walked past me in the National Theatre swishing his mane was quite obviously cast as Michael Heseltine purely on the basis of his amazing hair and eyebrows. Michael Maloney was extremely sinister as John Major though I was disappointed there was not a pair of Y-fronts in sight *nods to Steve Bell*. Was I really raving about how sweet and cute he was in Ken Bran's Hamlet? That guy is a seriously good actor, he was creepy as hell last night! One of the very best performances. 
There were times when I allowed myself to believe Lindsay Duncan was the harsh and ugly Iron Lady, mostly when the deep voice and mad steely gazes kicked in but most of the time I was thinking how cute and lovely she is and how she reminds me of my friend Alison (not when dressed as Thatcher I might add) I insisted a gross false nose would have done it but my sister informed me Linds "did not want to play a caricature". I think she did very well, she was cold and creepy- but she was still beautiful.
I'm hoping the BBC showed this to stop people voting Conservative in these desperate times. Come on Britain, surely we're not that desperate!! 

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