Thursday, 12 February 2009

Mad Men, Series 2 Episode 1

Last night on BBC2 the second season of Mad Men started. I missed the first season when it was shown but became addicted and caught up pretty damn fast on dvd last september. I don't usually watch things on my own, I prefer to share with the Suzie, but I watched all of season one in about three days, and last night I started season two despite today (thursday) being the Private View of our London exhibition. Yesterday I met with a publisher and spent a promising hour with them but I was more excited about Mad Men- just as today's Private View was nothing because I am so excited about HR on Radio4 tomorrow...
Enough rambling, the show did not disappoint. It is fabulous. Suzie and I agreed that the best parts of Revolutionary Road were the scenes in the city- the scenes that looked like Mad Men. That film was a waste of time, we could both see how Kate Winslet won that award, but an outstanding piece of acting cannot carry a boring and depressing film that we both felt we'd seen done a million times before. So to be back to the stunning sixties in Mad Men last night was just wonderful. The look of the show is beautiful and perfect, every scene looked like a famous ad, when Betty first appears horseriding she looks iconic! She is not even in my top five characters but she is so well cast, perfect. Joan, Joan, Joan, I love you. And Don Draper himself, hello, winner of this year's Most Handsome Man competition!
Excellent script for an episode which was basically just for putting you in the mood for the next ones. Suzie was disappointed that nothing happened, but I honestly don't care that nothing happened, I think this is perfect television.

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