Wednesday, 18 February 2009

The Dark Crystal (1982)

Apparently if you grow up watching films like The Never Ending Story or The Goonies you have fond memories and you still enjoy them now. Well, I saw The Never Ending Story as a child and I thought it was shit then.
This I missed as a child and I'm glad. I think it would have given me terrible nightmares and more to the point it was shit. No story to speak of, slow, tedious, terrible script, etc.
You can't group a film like The Dark Crystal with The Princess Bride or Labyrinth, two 80s films I also missed as a child but saw as an adult and actually enjoyed. The latter two films are clever, well-written and funny. The Dark Crystal lacked everything. It was like a big advert for what was probably a very boring board game.

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  1. Another film I won't bother watching. Thanks for the warning!