Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Uptown Girl video- Comic Relief (2001)

Tonight I stayed up and watched a documentary about Comic Relief, which I might add I never miss, no matter how depressing. It was a good little documentary but when they came to talk about the charity singles I was slightly irritated that McFly could name all the "stars" in their charity video (last year's was it?) except fabulous actor Ben Miles. Yes they remembered Fern Cotton, Graham Norton and Davina McCall, but not him. This of course made me want to watch the Westlife video which I absolutely LOVE depsite Billy Joel's Uptown Girl being one of those songs that will get on your nerves, get on your nerves, get on your nerves, etc. type of songs and Westlife's vocals being mediocre. Yes, I remember waiting for that video to come on the tv eight years ago, because even as a fifteen year old I hated Westlife's blob-type boyish looks and was absolutely in love with every one of those Uptown Boys...
And yet still, like McFly, people don't know who the hell those actors are! Do you think Westlife can name any of them?! "uh.. Hornblower was there, I think." Gah! I'm sorry blog readers, I haven't watched anything in a couple of days so I feel guilty that I haven't reviewed anything, and now I'm not reviewing, I'm just ranting.
James Wilby- before he went red, yes, gorgeous.
Rob Bathurst- Christ, he's just perfection.
Tim McInnerny- Yeah, him again, and if you're interested in seeing him and his obscenely long neck in any other music videos see Kate Bush's This Woman's Work. You will cry.
Crispin Bonham-Carter- Helena's cousin, stared in the Colin Firth Pride & Prejudice, anyone?
And Hornblower; Ioan Gruffudd. Ok, so I don't fancy him or Crispin that much, but I'd take them any day over pukey, pre-pubescent, gayers Westlife!
When I watch that video I still have a hard time deciding which one I would choose if I was Claudia Schiffer, I mean, obviously in the video the story is that she's just so overcome by handsome British actors that she has some kind of stroke and goes mental and then leaves with Irish boyband Westlife. I supose it would be James Wilby or Rob, Wilby is very pretty in that video but Rob is very manly with that cigar... Oh God, what's wrong with me!? What's always been wrong with me?! Who am I kidding, they might be more handsome and Ioan and Crispin are very young and cute in their own ways- ways that I'm not really attracted to (Crispin actually reminds me of David Tennant in the video) but it's obvious, I'd go for Tim! When I was fifteen I was watching it for Tim! What is it about sliminess that I like?!
I'm sure I will review something properly (ha ha) tomorrow- even if it is just my haircut, and I have good news for you, fans of Nicholas le Prevost and Jonathan Pryce- me. Well, they have a Radio4 series starting in a week and a bit and I am SO super excited I cannot even express in words, only a high-pitched scream. Watch this space.
Click there for a better quality video than you might find on youtube. Maybe you too will find how difficult it is to choose. Please vote in my poll, this means you, Su(s/z)ies!

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