Friday, 6 February 2009

The Moon and the Stars (2007)

So this film was never released over here, in fact it hasn't even been released on dvd, so god knows how I finally got to see a copy of it! Well, I know, it's thanks to one of my pals over at the Jonathan Pryce Fanclub. But I've no idea where she got it!! Anyway, here's the point; I didn't actually think it was that bad!
I actually liked it (a bit) I just always feel so pissed off that Jonathan Pryce wasn't offered these film roles earlier in his career. I'm betting that the main reason this film wasn't released was that the industry said "No one's going to go and see a film where 59-year old Jonathan Pryce is your romantic lead- wig or no wig!" Obviously I'd see a film where Jonathan's the romantic lead, it's what I pray for everytime his imdb is updated! Maybe that's the secret reason I was not that into the film- one makeout scene, one!? Then cut to a fantastic looking breakfast. Gah! This isn't what I, the audience of Jonathan Pryce romantic films, paid for!!
Enough about Jonno, for now, let me tell you what I liked about the actual film. The story is it's May 1939, A gay, Jewish film producer is making a film version of Tosca in fascist Italy starring Germany's most beautiful actress and England's recovering alcholoic/heroin addict leading man. It's predictable, the war is going cause trouble for these people and of course the German bird isn't a Nazi she's actually really nice and will learn to love the heroin addict with the wig. Yeah, it wasn't really the story I was into, though I enjoyed the stalker, I'm sure I've seen him in something else... But it was the style in which it was shot I liked. I liked the whole look of it, and when it worked the old-styley shots looked fantastic- lots of mirrors with people's faces in them, and Powell and Pressburger style sound; her scream melding with the train whistle after he left.
The Bogart and Bacall thing they were trying for didn't work, and I'll tell you why, and I really don't think it had anything to do with J.P.- it was her, Sorry Catherine McCormack, I don't know if it was all the plastered on makeup that was off-putting, but I found her quite ugly and harsh, was this supposed to be contrast to soft and smiling Jonathan Pryce? It is possible to be striking and cute you know! (I know)
Oh yeah, and how many times can you say the name of the film in the film without it getting tedious? Just stop saying 'The moon and the stars'!!!! Jeez!
Back to Jonathan, a subject I can talk about but recently have had little to talk about (Cast him! Cast him!) His little rant on set was quite amusing, not really Christian Bale... "Tch! how obnoxious that British chap is, did you hear him? I think he might have actually said 'bugger' gasp!" Lots of overacting of course, but he's an actor playing an actor playing a campy villain- in the 30s! It was great!
Complaints: Not enough dancing- Jonathan is so fluid when he dances it's creepily mesmerizing! They hardly showed any of that at all.
Opposite of Complaints (it's late! I've been up since 6!): Great shots of Jonathan looking tall and handsome- that was one of the better wigs I've seen on him- Nothing like standing next to a short, fat, ugly person to make you look fabulous!!
Puzzles: How did Jonathan Pryce spend one night in prison and come out the next morning with his cream suit completely spotless?

PS You've all voted for the wrong Uptown Boys, you idiots! God, I know I'm going to be worse than Susie and those brown mugs about this but, come on!! Did any of you actually watch that music video?! It's Wilby!!! eff sake!

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  1. Just so you know, there's nothing more romantic than someone stuffing a scone covered in jam and cream into your face.