Sunday, 1 February 2009

Pillow Talk (1959)

I hate Doris Day. I'm sure she is lovely and everything, but something about her is just so ugly that I positively refused to watch Pillow Talk even though I knew it must be good. Again, it was one of those days last week when I was just too tired to argue.
It was great, of course it was, Tony Randall is brilliantly slimy, he should be in every scene! And I thought Rock Hudson was brilliant too- though again, too ugly. Sorry People, I just can't watch films where the leads repulse me, I know how Anna felt when she was forced to watch that film where formerly lovely handsome Clark Gable is old old OLD... I expect this was one of the first formulaic Day/Hudson films and maybe they go down from here, I'll never know (I don't intend to see her withered orange button face ever again) but the jokes are excellent. Hudson accidentally walking into the gynacologist and asking to see the doctor was a particualrly good running gag and finished the film of predictably but nicely. You will probably need someone to explain to you want a 'party line' is, otherwise you will not know what the hell is going on as it's the premiss of the whole film. Apparently people used to share telephone numbers even if they lived nowhere near each other, already it sounds like a rom-com setup.
If you don't think Doris Day and Rock Hudson are ugly as sin you will love this film! If you think they are just grit your teeth and enjoy the fact that there aren't that many close ups.

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