Friday, 2 October 2009

After Miss Julie (American Airlines Theatre- New York)

Miss Julie is played by Sienna Miller, an old school actress, she's old school in the way that she sleeps with movie directors and they let her be in their films- or in this case plays.
I wanted to see this play because I love Johnny Lee Miller, it's his Broadway debut, I'm pleased to say he did not disappoint, he does a very good job in this one-act three-hander.
The other girl in the play is Marin Ireland, obviously American, the rest of the audience probably thought she was great but her confused accent was so awful I thought she must be there just to make Sienna seem like a good actress! If you're casting a play set in England with two English actors, why not go the whole hog and get in another, not some Yankee who was either doing a very bad Irish accent or a very bad Yorkshire accent... Miss Ireland did a very good job reacting though, which was her main role anyway.
So, Sienna, well, she was ok as the spoiled sex-mad tart, no acting required. But I really wasn't sure some times if her breakdowns were supposed to be badly acted. The character of Miss Julie seemed to be a chronic liar, so I thought perhaps she was doing it on purpose- I'd say from the ending that those emotional outbursts were supposed to be real and that she is just a bad actress. Her acting reminded me of my friend Alison's acting- Alison is a junior researcher on the Jonathan Ross show, she is not an actress.
There were bits that only I laughed at and bits that all the Americans laughed at, this happened last time I was in New York, I laughed at the tragically cruel jokes, that must be British humour. Johnny was very good, Sienna tried, you could tell she was really trying, but I hope she doesn't get good reviews, she really wouldn't in England. Though like they said in the play, "Americans die for the accent!"So they might be fooled.

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  1. PS
    I figured out they were supposed to be 19 and 24, I guess Sienna could be that young and Johnny's acting was convincingly youthful, but physically that boy is a man.

    And Sienna couldn't walk in those ridiculous shoes.