Monday, 19 October 2009

Oleanna (John Golden Theatre)

Kill her Bill!! Kill her!!!
What self restraint, I thought, two minutes before the end of the play, if I was him I would have stabbed her to death by now. But then came the ending, no stabbing, but you know, he sort of lost it...
A confusing play in three acts, three scenes really, yet another one act play I booked (should have seen a musical and got my god damn money's worth!). Both extremely unlikeable characters, both actors I think over acting a bit too much- in fact Julia Stiles- who I'd only heard good things about was dreadful! Really dreadful! And Bill Pullman's ticks and fidgetty acting really annoyed me too!
The best part of the play was the free half hour discussion at the end where the confident American audience expressed their views very coherently- all right for them and their compulsary public speaking classes...grumble... what about my English polite shyness?! Does that mean nothing?! You know, most of the time the confidence comes across as arrogance! So fuck you all!!
Anyway, Oleanna was a really infuriating play, but it was supposed to be. I just can't help thinking it would be much better performed by English actors, say Jonathan Pryce and Ruth Wilson?

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