Sunday, 9 May 2010

How Not To Grow Up by Richard Herring

My copy of Richard Herring's book arrived just in time, I have tonsillitis (yeah, it came back with a vengeance) so I spent all day in bed yesterday reading his memoir. I also spent the sickday before that listening to the Collings and Herrin Best of Earth, Wind and Fire* CD of podcasts, but that drove me a bit stir crazy...
His book was perfect for my sore throat, I smiled a lot but the strain of laughing out loud only hurt six or seven times, it was quite a gentle read and I was surprised at how I still found him a sensitive, romantic soul despite how much of the book is about his pursuit of a threesome (which sounded AWFUL by the way, Rich).
It is about a midlife crisis so of course not all of it was hilarious, and maybe in my bacteria induced melancholia I could have done with a less truthful book but I was uplifted at all the moments Richard was uplifted and Richard's despair didn't drag me down because I knew it would have a happy ending (both the book and the threesome).
Yes, a good read, much better than a tour diary, much better than an autobiography- though admittedly I really loved all the childhood stories and in my sickly state could have done with a big book of them to cheer me. I also liked the exchanges with Emma Kennedy- which might sound scripted to you but I'm guessing are word for word because it's exactly how my sister and I talk to each other.

*And Water

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