Monday, 24 May 2010

Me and Orson Welles (2009)

I saw the trailer for this film ages ago and thought it looked amazing- as in, the look of it, the costumes and the locations, all perfectly 1930s. And Zefron was there too and I was really keen to see him in a film where he wasn't all-singing all-dancing!
I finally saw it last night and there was a bit of his singing and dancing but I think that was important to the plot rather than it being written into everyone of his contracts!
You know it's a good film when you assume it's American but are wonderfully surprised to see that absolutely EVERYONE (except Zefron and Claire Danes) in it is British. That guy who makes a living playing Orson Welles on stage must be well chuffed that he has played him on screen, it was an amazing performance, the main reason to see the film definitely! And like I say the ensemble were excellent, Eddie Marsan, Ben Chaplin and Kelly Reilly all fabulous support. It's a film about the theatre and it was well done, I loved it.

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