Thursday, 23 December 2010

How Not to Live Your Life (BBC3)

I missed the first two series of How Not to Live Your Life written by and starring Dan Clark. It seems weird to me that I managed to miss them because there's practically eff all on TV these days and this show is hilarious.
Dan as Don is brilliantly stupid, lazy and gross. But there is something charming about the character which is why it's such good fun. Supporting cast and guest cast are good too, loads of crazies. I enjoyed last week's penultimate episode when he and boss Jason went as Lethal Weapon to Samantha's fancy dress party, I sort of saw it coming but at the same time had never seen a white man blacked up and a black man whited up for such a simple gag then just doing the rest of the show like that and it being so normal. Series finale was ACE, Top Gun The Musical is a play I'd go and see.

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  1. There's David Armand again by the way, if I hadn't have been obsessed with Sorry I've Got no Head I would have said "Oh look, there's Eddie from How Not to Live Your Life in Elizabeth the Golden Age." But it's easier to just point and shout "She's a witch!!"