Thursday, 2 December 2010

Mad Men Series four (BBC4)

I have to say that this series of Mad Men has been my favourite. Probably because I watched it like you're supposed to watch a series, one a week for thirteen weeks making me think about it a lot more than the usual buy-and-watch-in-a-day I went through with the first two series and then watch-in-the-wrong-order I did with series three.
My pal Suzie told me she didn't like this series as much, maybe because it wasn't as safe in it's formulaic setting like the first three, the work at Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce [& Campbell!] was not stable so all the characters became even more unstable than usual- but I love character! So this series full of everyone's characters freaking out, breaking down and making out was just a joy!! Jared Harris' episodes were brilliant, Joan and Roger, well, I'm all about that! Pete, excellent and Peggy! Peggy is so flipping ace! I love her more each series.
Bit of a strange series finale, not as exciting as the past finales have been but I'm still excited to see what happens next for Don and his new fiancee... He made the right choice, I think.
Secretly I think the reason why Suzie didn't like this series is because her favourite character, Betty, was shown as the total fucking fruitcake and uber-bitch we all know she is all the way through!! Ugh, she's such a loathsome character! So well written and acted!


  1. I loved the last episode - so much happened but it's all understated at the same time. I might have to get it on dvd to watch the whole series again.

  2. ha so true about betty.... she is a wack job. i didn't like how the series wound up in the end. all of a sudden don is getting married to his secretary because she is good with his children?!?! like don what?! just a bit of a surprise. obv we all knew peggy was still prego but i do fear her hubby is going to get killed in the war... i do love peggy she has become one of the most well rounded characters of the series. brill! this season just moved at a snails pace and then crammed all the goodies in last episode! i am chopp'n at the bit for next season though....

  3. i meant joan on the prego comment..