Monday, 25 April 2011

Blithe Spirit (Apollo Theatre, West End)

When the first, very slow, scene was over I suddenly remembered that the last Noel Coward play I went to see was horrific and that I hate Hermione Norris. Luckily as soon as Ruthie Henshaw (of musical theatre fame) arrived as the ghost all was forgotten. A well cast piece of fun.
Rob Bathurst was handsome as ever, Alison Steadman reliably nutty, Hermione Norris well cast as the uptight second wife and Ruthie excellently floaty and funny... Her musical background served her well in the movement department, she was the best thing for me, breathed life into that dead character.
Good for a giggle, just what I needed after the London Book Fair.

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  1. I'm pretty new to the Chicago scene, so it was nice exploring the Apollo Theater Guy, and theater itself. Really nice place great people and good music.