Monday, 25 April 2011

Moonlight (Donmar Warehouse)

I suddenly found myself in London on a thursday with nothing to do, a matinee, that's what I should do! Cause Celebree was the only play I really wanted to see (I'd forgotten about Sophie Thompson in Clybourne Park and would have preferred to see that had I remembered...) but Cause Celebree was forty quid a ticket and on the other side of town, I was in Forbidden Planet reading the new Daniel Clowes... the Donmar was right there and there was a Pinter on for a tenner.
Pinter it is. Everyone was good, the two brothers were not my cup of tea but I liked the ghost girl, the vignettes of the old remembered neighbours were great, and the main couple- David Bradley and Deborah Findlay were excellent and amusing.
The real highlight for me though was coming out of the theatre and seeing Una Stubbs waiting outside the stage door. I felt like saying "Una! I haven't seen you for ages!" but luckily I remembered she is not my friend, I am just in love with her. I smiled madly. Definitely worth a tenner.

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