Thursday, 9 July 2009

Jon Richardson and Shappi Khorsandi -Hebden Bridge Arts Festival

Last night for Lauren's Best Ever Birthday (only ruined by having her car broken into and her prized possessions being nicked and all her hard work being deemed pointless- Happy Birthday, Lauren!!) we went to see stand-up comics Shappi Khorsandi (Listen to her new Radio4 show Shappi Talk every Thursday) and Jon Richardson (listen to his radio show on 6music every Sunday). Jon was the main draw for Lauren, and for Anna and I really, I knew Shappi from- as she pointed out- being the Iranian comedienne on Radio4. I've seen Jon a few times at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and have never missed a podcast since they began way back when Mr Howard was co-hosting, oh dear oh dear, he should never have left, he is just not funny enough on Mock the Week (Thursdays BBC2). But Jon was always the best one anyway, and Fordie makes up for anything lost when Russ temper-tantrumed out of there, or whatever happened... We'll never know!
I introduced Lauren to Jon's podcasts a couple of months ago when we were on holiday together, they're very good for long car journeys. And I was thrilled a week later to see that the only comedy act coming to this year's Arts Festival was last night's show- on the day after Lauren's birthday!! Yes!! I have never found an easier present- An easier good present, I should say, it is quite easy for Lauren and I to buy shite for each other, though she's the expert there.
And Jon delivered!! His Edinburgh show is going to be fantastic this year, it was good last year, but I think even better, even more bitter this year.
Yes, these were the previews, Shappi was on first and was very cute and nice to the audience- her set needed a little polishing (that's what these pre-Edinburgh shows are for) but she more than made up for pauses with charm and impressions of her little brother and sister. I overheard her say in the bar to Jon afterwards "I can't believe you've got your Edinburgh show sorted already!" But Shappi, Jon lives alone and works (outside of writing and performing his stand-up) three hours a week on a Sunday morning. You have a two year-old boy, a husband you are obliged to acknowledge and loads of token-Iranian appearances to make on BBC Radio4! Don't worry about it! You were great!!
Jon's set was very tight and very funny. I was really glad we'd sat in the front row, all three of us offered a show of hands when asked who was a perfectionist, and then the majority of us were confused by the follow-up question: "Are you in relationships?" Anna instantly answered "No," while me and Lauren exchanged glances and both thought 'With each other?!' Idiots.
The Picture House was full, which made us think that if Hebden Bridge did organize more comedy then it would be completely worth while, but unfortunately the Arts Festival is made up of the usual Cello recitals and poetry evenings. I have been to three writing workshops in the last week, none have been helpful. As you can see.

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