Thursday, 9 July 2009

Psychoville Episode four (BBC2)

Great episode tonight. Anna came in afterwards having spent the whole half hour on the computer (presumably looking for Snappy the Crocodile on eBay) and said "Well, there's never enough of David and his mum." Poor Anna.
Yes, what a really good bit of editing, only saw two clever cuts, if we ignore these (as dad did) the whole half hour was in one shot, fab camera work. Really really good, nice afternoon-play/horror film feel to it. And great seeing Gatiss in there with them, ah, memories! I loved the League of Gentlemen, too much I think... I'm not sure how many other girls watched it instead of doing GCSE coursework and thought it was genius. I still go around shouting the orange juice line from the first episode. I mean obviously everyone has their favourite lines, but could I have picked a stupider one!? Ha!
btw, Janet McTeer, David Bamber and Nick le Prevost were perfect as a murder mystery group, of let's face it, failed actors. Didn't like Janet McTeer's death last week- thought that was a bit horrific, glad we only had to hear Nick getting hit by a bus (he sort of deserved it after wearing that sweater-vest). Not looking forward to Bamber's death, I've always liked him...

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