Sunday, 20 December 2009

It Happened One Night (1934)

Home for Christmas and already watching at least a film a day, old favourites of course, it's that time of year! Yesterday we watched possibly the best road-movie ever made. One of my all time favourites, Clark Gable is at his absolute peak of gorgeous, this is Frank Capra at his screwball-best, not a bit of sentimentality (which It's a Wonderful Life reeks of) the script is perfect, the comedy performances are perfect.
I can't decide a favourite scene, "Quit Bawlin'!" is a classic but I like it when Clark threatens Shapely in the woods and then spits on himself. The scene where Clark Gable undresses is historic- apparently vest sales plummetted. "Gable don't wear a vest, then I don't wear a vest!"
The only thing I thought was missing was a reconcilliation scene, but in retrospect I think it works perfectly without it because we've seen Clark and Claudette at each other's throats the whole way through, we saw the pauses and the tension, we saw them both in seperate misery without each other... The finishing gag is perfect because even though we don't see them maybe actually seeing the two happy together would not be as dramatic or swoon-worthy as that bit when he's looking at her in the hay and he stops himself from kissing her- sigh!!

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  1. one of my fav scenes is ridiculously her escape from the yacht. I love how people dove in old movies... they just sort of headlong fling themselves at water.

    it's pure genius.

    this is also one of the best movies ever <3