Saturday, 5 December 2009

La Cage Aux Folles (London's Playhouse Theatre)

It is what it is, and what it is is a sensation!
(Ugh, I wonder how many shite journalists thought of using that line as a review...)
Last night Laura and I went to see La Cage Aux Folles and it was wonderfully fabulous, up in the Gods we had great views of the choreography and we saw mostly everything apart from when that big-headed boy leant over, damn him... Douglas Hodge and Dennis Lawson return for the final weeks in the roles they created for this production, Lawson was good but Hodge as Albin and Zaza was amazing!
Lately the role has been played by Graham Norton and John Barrowman and I really don't think either of them would have been nearly as good as Douglas Hodge, I can't imagine Barrowman playing the part with such pathos, he can sing the songs but Hodge's Albin broke our hearts!! I'm glad we got to see his Olivier Award Winning performance, he was wonderful and he could really sing too!! So Could Lawson! There's a turn up for the books!
The dance numbers were great, costumes brilliantly gay, the songs were lovely and the comedy excellent, once again thanks to Hodge (and Syrus Lowe as the couple's ott butler/maid). And I liked the theatre, it felt like a sleazy 1970s drag club, it took me and Laura hours to wind our way to the tiny upstairs bar where four gay men sat and discussed other musicals they might see next, I'm told they settled on The Lion King.

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