Monday, 14 December 2009

The X-Factor 2009

I'd never watched the X-Factor any other year because I don't like seeing members of the public on my tv, I could see members of the public in my damn living room. TV is for handsomes and talented types. Anyway I moved into a household where people watch reality tv and so I joined in to be sociable! (I also watched the final three episodes of I'm a Celebrity Get Me out of Here which I'd never seen either- I'm glad Gino won.)
Apart from the appalling members of the public (the contestants) and the four horrendous "judges" it turns out the X-Factor is sort of what TV is missing... By which I mean we have no Top of the Pops anymore, we have no variety shows where you can see famous singers promoting their new singles- not on the 5 channels I have access to anyway.
The guest acts were nearly always of an extremely high standard, and like I say I never get to see bands doing numbers because British tv doesn't have music programmes anymore. So I got to see Michael Buble, Take That, Robbie Williams, Lady Gaga, Janet Jackson, Paul McCartney, George Michael, Roger and Brian from Queen, Leona Lewis etc. performing great songs live and the only other time I get to appreciate modern pop music is by listening to the radio- which I don't do because most of it is shite! Rap- that's what's on Radio 1, did we have any rapping on the X-factor? No because it's a singing competition and the big names they managed to get were all brilliant singers.
And even though I didn't really think ANY of the contestants had the X-Factor I'm glad Joe McElderry won because he was clearly the best singer from the very beginning even if he wasn't the best all-round-performer.
-Also Joe obviously comes from a family of drunks so it's good that he can now escape that fate as he is a very talented young man.

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