Thursday, 4 February 2010

The Misanthrope aka The Keira Knightley play (Comedy Theatre)

Keira has got a big head. Yeah she's got a small body but she has a big head too and that just emphasizes it more so! It's only when you see her head next to someone you know to have a massive head that you realize just how big it is. Next to Nick le Prevost, a thin man with a big head, Keira's head looked bigger. It was quite scary!
So enough about the diminutive starlet's stature. On with the play. I thought the actors all did really well with the parts they had been given, none of them very good parts let's face it, every single actor except Damien Lewis and Keira had hardly any time on stage but all tried extremely hard to make themselves noticed and of course it was the supporting cast who got all the laughs. They all did brilliantly but were not in it enough, however Tim McMullan did the best with his role and I have to say he was definitely noticed.
Yeah, that's Moliere for you, not new adaptations, just Moliere, that main part would have been for Louis IVX hence all the little cameos for whoever else was allowed to act along side the King. Damien Lewis didn't quite cut it for me, something lacking there, he wasn't tres believable. Keira did adequately but my favourite bit was when the sixth form group in front of me started texting each other as soon as La Knightley was not on stage.

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