Saturday, 27 February 2010

The Lovely Bones (2010)

When I moved into student halls a good while back I met my good friend Shona for the first time, she was obviously a big reader, but on closer inspection though there were a lot of books in her room, a lot of it was shite! Sort of like when people see that I'm into films but when they get up close to my film collection they notice it's full of crap that you've never heard of and would never want to see! The book Shona was reading when we met was The Lovely Bones.
So we went to see the film and I was horrified at most of it and had a lot of problems with the story but Shona was crying her eyes out, apparently it was pretty faithful to the book!
Here's the Brownie points: Mark Wahlberg was a brilliantly convincing dad, I know that my dad would definitely be out there with a baseball bat dealing out justice for my murder. Susan Sarandon gave a good comic turn but it felt extremely uncomfortable to watch considering the rest of the film. Stan Tucci was terrifying, that was a really nice bit of creepy character acting *shudder!* but my first comment after the film was: "As if a paedophile would have such gorgeous eyes!"
Problems: The film was far too long (I was starving), the lead girl has Martin Short's face and the writer's idea of Heaven was utterly horrendous and sick-making... So "Heaven" was where you could hang out with all the other little girls who got raped and murdered by Stan for all eternity! Wow, sounds great! Glad I'll never be able to forget what happened to me!!
Not my cup of tea!


  1. i read this book back in high school. its one of those ''good books'' i read back in the day. i thought the movie looked like, ehhh myself. the plot is horrific and something i def did not want to relive on film. thanks for the review so i can spare myself the torture. xo

  2. all the trailers made it look like the characters were trapped in a windows screensaver.