Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Being Human, Series 2

One of the things I like most about Being Human is that there are only three major characters. Buffy had WAY too many in the end, like I care about a cast of TWELVE characters!
I much preferred this series to the first- probably because I knew the characters and I anticipated what an annoying weed George would be throughout, he really bothered me all through the first series!- but as with the first I only really watch it because it's something to watch while I eat my lunch! Yesterday I watched the final episode while eating... probably not a good idea, there was a lot more blood and gore in this series.
Anyway, Aidan Turner and Leonora Crichlow both play brilliant charming characters, she's a lovely ghostie making everyone tea and smiling her big gorgeous smile and he's a moody vampire with a lot of problems. Russell Tovey is so camp he really grates me, I find it impossible to believe his character is not in love with Mitchell- and I know Tovey is gay but straight acting is something he can do so why in this role (a werewolf desperate for a normal family life) is he playing it SO camp?!
There were some good stories in this series, the main story being very scary! I loved all the flashbacks; brilliant opportunities for the costume department! But overall I enjoyed Annie's storylines the most, being a ghost she is the most human, she is the heart of the group and I am ready for series three right now!! Good ending- well, it would have been a good ending if they'd have cut after George, Mitchell and Nina had watched the TV fade away... That bit with the bad actress girl vampires raising that vampire jerk from the grave was completely unnecessary and ruined what was a poignant and terrifying cliffhanger.
Ho hum.


  1. lord i miss buffy though! we're experiencing a serious drought of good horror/fantasy shows here in the States.

  2. I like how in that publicity shot the globey light represents the moon...cause he's a werewolf!! Get it??