Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck (BBC Radio 4)

I read Of Mice and Men for my English GCSE and completely loved it, I listened to this hour long dramatization ten years later and I remembered it all word for word. I totally loved it.
Seeing The Grapes of Wrath put on by the English Touring Theatre last year and listening to this excellent radio adaptation just makes me think Steinbeck was meant to be performed, it is such perfect simple truthful writing that I bet it took hardly any effort to turn the novels into scripts.
When I went on holiday to Nantucket last September the tiny tour bus stopped by a golf course and the ancient driver pointed to a house in the distance and said; "John Steinbeck used to live there." I automatically gasped and cried what I always cry when Steinbeck's name is uttered: "The richest author in the dust-bowl!"
Got to be rich, average cost of a house on Nantucket is two million dollars.

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