Monday, 15 March 2010

Sleepers (1996)

Paedophiles beget Paedophiles, this is a well known fact. So Brad Pitt's character who was obviously very disturbed to obsessively research such a scheme for 13 years to plot the downfall of his torturers in the end moved to England to be a "carpenter"... CODE= he's now a creepy English perv.
The film started off well with an excellent soundtrack and a horrific abuse plot but it went downhill as soon as Kevin Bacon was murdered. I saw the trailer last night and thought "wow, what an ensemble piece!" so I bought it for £3 from HMV but as soon as the childhood half of the film was over and the film's star was Jason Patric it was shite -and Dustin Hoffman and Bobby De Niro weren't in it enough to make a difference.
It was just BORING, and ridiculous that a judge would allow a lawyer to ask someone totally inappropriate questions for that long! "How is this appropriate to the case in question?" was only asked after about ten minutes! Stupid!!
I just got annoyed that it wasn't the bloody-revenge film I hoped it would be, I really liked the beginning! I did say at one point in the first half: "You know it's amazing how film making has changed, nowadays American directors would film the rape scenes, don't they understand that it's much more psychologically disturbing like this when it's all in your head?" But of course later on in the film there were flashbacks that debunked my praise.
And in the end let's face it! You shouldn't have stolen that hotdog cart!! You are not Ignatius J Reilly! You brought it on yourselves!!

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