Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Bedtime Stories (CBeebies)

I watched a load of these at Christmas and then forgot about how flipping great they are!
So I write and illustrate books for children- that's my job, or at least, that's what I'm trying to do! So this programme that showcases new work -but also does a lot of old favourites- is obviously a dream for me: "One day an actor will read out my book on Bedtime Stories!"
Yeah, it's like Jackanory used to be except the books are usually between four and eight minutes long so if they're rubbish it doesn't matter! I used to love Jackanory, I thought they were all good but of course we have George's Marvelous Medicine read/performed by Rick Mayall on video and watch it yearly.
I've watched lots of actors doing Bedtime Stories and I think what's even more exciting is the range of actors they get in to do different books (I am excited now as both children's writer/illustrator AND actor-phile) David Tennant (above) is by far the best reader of bedtime stories, though I also enjoyed David Harewood very much. It's funny because it's not the people you'd expect who are the best, I assumed Kenneth Brannagh would be great- but I had to turn him off! He was cringey and hammy. Tennant I thought would be creepy and overenthusiastic, but he uses his natural gentle Scottish voice and is extremely charming, he's like your big sister's boyfriend reading you a story rather than Kenny who was like a boring old uncle.
So who would I have reading out my story? I wonder if the authors have any say in the matter...
"Excuse me, I'd like Jonathan Pryce to read out 'Timby and the Great Cake Robbery' if you don't mind."
"Tough luck, you're getting John Thompson."

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