Tuesday, 30 March 2010

The Power of Yes (National Theatre)

Anna and I went to a sunday matinee to try and understand The Recession in more detail. The sunday matinee was full of wheezing pensioners, apart from all the coughing it was a good deal and there were lots of tickets available, I might go again- though not to The Power of Yes! I don't think I've ever felt more out of the loop in all my life!!
This piece of theatre- it's not a play, well, not really- got amazing reviews from all the critics, and I can see why, I just wish I had the brainpower to understand everything that was discussed (I am a bear of very little brain). I came out of the show and had to have a couple of parcetemol, I'd given myself a migrane from trying to concentrate for two solid hours. It was like an educational film there were a lot of jokes but a million facts and opinions, and it was SO fast!
The setup is an actor playing the author David Hare interviewing lots of figures from the banking world to attempt to understand why what happened happened! But there were so many people and some were explaining far more complicated things than others that a lot of the time by the time I'd grasped one idea the following idea had finished being explained and I'd completely missed it!
I wondered if all the actors knew what they were talking about. I understood what the women were saying but not all of the men, I wondered if maybe the women (being women) had said after reading their script "I don't understand this, please explain it to me." And therefore when they understood their lines they delivered them with the emphasis in the right places and I (the audience) understood too, whereas the men- too arrogant to ask just what the hell am I saying?- Learned their lines and delivered them with the emphasis all wrong so I didn't understand at all! ...I am such a sexist.
Anyway, it made me want to watch Drop the Dead Donkey. Good old Andy Hamilton, he knows how to explain the issues to the masses. Also Jeff Rawle was in the play and I was thrilled by this surprise.

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