Monday, 21 February 2011

The 39 Steps (Criterion Theatre)

In this picture you can see Bertie Portal and Rachel Pickup, I think I saw them a couple of years ago, definitely Bertie, I saw him twice.
"What are the 39 Steps?!"
The 39 Steps is a brilliant stage play that I have seen a total of four times over the last four years. When people visit London for the first time, or for the first time in years and they want to see a show but they don't want anything heavy and they don't want to pay fifty quid to see a musical I recommend (or I take them to) The 39 Steps.
The Criterion Theatre itself I find a treat, it is underground, you can feel the vibrations from the trains, it is tiny and it is beautiful. The show is perfect for the theatre, it feels like 1939 down there. There is a gimmick to this show, but the gimmick is a good gimmick: See 4 actors play 139 characters in 100 minutes.
Wonderful simple staging and classic visual gags. Visual gags is what theatre is all about!
"Am I right, sir?"

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