Monday, 7 February 2011

Black Swan (2011)

Think The Red Shoes crossed with The Fly- and Fight Club!
The gore was too much, it was horrific, shudder! The much talked about lesbian scene was boring, I don't understand why it was so talked about. I guess just because they are two beautiful tiny actresses, but surely, women making out is just women making out? I've seen better on the internet...
Anyhoo, above all it made me want to see Swan Lake- and watch The Red Shoes. The Red Shoes could have done with a gay scene, I reckon, Walbrook and Marius Goring. HOT.


  1. amer, i agree. lesbo scene dull. and red shoes was all i could think about as well. it was just a blood thirsty red shoes, though i did enjoy the dancing at the end of the movie where she was the black swan, i like how her arms grew feathers, visually pleasing. the end.

  2. I wanted her legs to go swanny again too and then start hissing at the audience. Tchaikovsky would have loved that.