Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Bored to Death: Series One

I watched this when I was ill as well. Brilliant. Absolutely brilliant. Gentle and affectionate and silly. Lovely characters and so easy to relate to.
I watched all eight episodes in one sitting, I was scared at the end of episode one, I had this horrible feeling that Jonathan wasn't going to go on pretending to be a PI and that he'd be something different each week and it would never match the brilliance of the first episode. Phew! It continued.
Ted Danson is so good. You forget how good he is! Cheers was fantastic, remember?! It's just he then tried to go into films and some people are just made for TV and on TV he is gold, solid gold. Jason Schwartzman's character was a bit too whiny sometimes but with great supposrt from Danson and that other guy and Oliver Platt too, it became less about him towards the end and I loved it more for that. Can't wait to see the next two series!

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